Coaching Email Filter for Delayed Self-Pledge

Delayed Self-Pledge (DSP) is associated with a specific participation type and requires a participant pay the difference between what they will raise by a certain date and the required minimum fundraising goal. After the deadline has passed, the participant will be charged for the amount they did not raise.

When you enable the Delayed Self-Pledge filter for Coaching Emails, only participants who signed up for a Delayed Self-Pledge participation type and did not raise the required amount will receive the email.

Let's go!
Click Begin Delivery for an existing Coaching Email to begin.
Select Current Event Participants as your Email Audience.
Click the participation types you'd like to include in your email and click Add.

Be sure to include the participation type associated with Delayed Self-Pledge.

Click Configure Additional Filters to acess the differnet filters.

Click Next.

Select the Delayed Self-Pledge filter to email participants who have not yet met their goal.

Visit the Luminate Online help documentation for more information about Delayed Self-Pledge or Coaching Emails.