Delayed Self-Pledge

Delayed Self-Pledge (DSP) is associated with a specific participation type and requires a participant pay the difference between what they will raise by a certain date and the required minimum fundraising goal. The participant can then choose to pay what they owe in one payment, or they can choose to pay in installments.

From the Delayed Self-Pledge tab, you can process, edit, or remove a participant's remaining balance. Additionally, you can process all remaining balances in the list at once.

Let's go!
If you need to make edits to the self-pledge amount, click the balance and enter the new amount.
Select the participant and click Process selected pledge.

On the confirmation screen, verify the amount and click Process.

Optionally, you can choose to process all of the self-pledge amounts at once.

Click Process all self-pledges oustanding. On the confirmation screen, click Process.

For more information about Delayed Self-Pledge, visit the Luminate Online help documentation.