To give a reminder or special instructions to someone about a constituent record, you can set an alert to appear in its profile information. For example, you can set an alert as a reminder to not update the record without first contacting the assigned fundraiser or with instructions to handle a high-priority donor with care.

Tip: When you set the alert, you can choose to have it appear automatically when the record opens. When the alert appears, it shows only its first 256 characters. To view the full alert, select See more.

Each record can have only one alert. Under the profile information, you can view whether an alert exists . To view and manage the alert, select Alert.

Tip: To quickly summarize information you find valuable about a constituent, such as their personal details and history with your organization, use a summary note rather than an alert. For information, see Summary Notes.

Tip: To highlight specific rules of contact with constituents, such as No contact on weekends, system admins can set additional alerts for communication preferences. For more information, see Communication Preferences.

Note: In the database view, alerts appear as annotations. If you set business rules to show annotations when records open, they don’t automatically appear as alerts on those records in the web view.