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Actions Analysis

With actions, fundraisers can track the interactions and tasks required to cultivate their relationships with constituents. To quickly assess the overall activity of your organization's fundraisers, select Fundraising, Analyze, Actions for a dashboard of key metrics. For effective relationship management, use this analysis to track the completion of actions and inform your next steps.

Tip: By default, the metrics under Actions include all actions. To include only actions that meet specific criteria, such as by their assigned fundraiser or status, use the filters. For more information, see Actions Analysis Filters.

Tip: To view a list of records included in the number-crunching, select the total or metric. For further analysis, select Create list to open the list in Lists, where you can apply additional filters, choose columns, and save for future reuse. For more information, see Lists.

Tip: To review the metrics offline, you can download them as a PDF or automatically receive one as an email on a regular basis. For more information, see PDFs of Analyze Metrics.

Note: Hang tight! It may take up to six hours for Analyze metrics to update based on new or edited information.