PDFs or Spreadsheets of Dashboards

To take your analysis offline or share it with someone else, you can:

  • Download and save the metrics in Fundraising, Analyze or Reporting as a portable document file (PDF) or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (XLSX).

  • Automatically receive a PDF of the metrics as an email — at the address used with your Blackbaud ID — at regular intervals, such as to track and compare fundraising effectiveness over time.

    Tip: To share your analysis with someone else, you can copy additional recipients on your email.

Tip: A PDF or spreadsheet is simply a snapshot of a single moment in time. For the current and most accurate analysis, refer to the dashboards directly in Analyze or Reporting on your desktop or mobile device.

Note: Don’t see this feature? You can only download or schedule a PDF of a dashboard from your desktop, not on mobile.