Constituent Code Analysis for Campaigns, Funds, or Appeals

To quickly gauge which types of supporters are engaged and contribute the most to your success, analyze the giving toward your fundraising efforts — overall, or for specific campaigns, funds, or appeals — by their donors' primary constituent codes.

Tip: With the Revenue type filter, you can choose whether to analyze revenue received through cash-in-hand giving or committed through pledges and matching gifts. For more information, see Revenue and Recognition.

Tip: To view a list of gifts included in the number-crunching, select the total or metric. For further analysis, select Create list to open the list in Lists, where you can apply additional filters, choose columns, and save for future reuse. For more information, see Lists.

With this information, you can quickly gauge which types of donors are engaged and have a larger impact on the fundraising effort. To help increase giving, we recommend you prioritize interactions with your engaged donors and craft targeted appeals and communications to strengthen relationships with those less engaged.

Tip: A donor may have many affiliations with our organization, and their primary constituent code may not always reflect their motivation to give. For additional context of why someone gives, you can track the applicable constituent code on gifts. For more information, see Gift and Marketing Codes.

Tip: For details about a campaign, fund, or appeal, select its description to open its record. For more information, see Campaign Records, Fund Records, or Appeal Records.

Note: Hang tight! It may take up to three hours for these metrics to update based on new or edited information.