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Top Donors Analysis for a Campaign, Fund, or Appeal

To identify specific constituents to thank for their giving in response to an appeal or toward a campaign or fund, you can view its 25 top contributors under Top donors on its record. For each donor, you can view how many gifts — and how much in total — they gave to the campaign, fund, or appeal.

Tip: With the Revenue type filter, you can choose whether to analyze revenue received through cash-in-hand giving or committed through pledges and matching gifts. For more information, see Revenue Types.

Tip: To view a list of gifts a donor gave to the campaign, fund, or appeal, select their total under Gifts given or Total amount. For further analysis, select Create list to open the list in Lists, where you can apply additional filters, choose columns, and save for future reuse. For more information, see Lists.

To help increase giving, we recommend you promptly thank these donors for their generosity and encourage them to reach out to others on your behalf to solicit donations toward the effort. If the campaign, fund, or appeal struggles to resonate with donors, consider these best practices:

Tip: For deeper analysis of a donor, select their name to open their record. For more information, see Constituent Records.

Note: Hang tight! It may take up to six hours for these metrics to update based on new or edited information.