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Communication Preferences

Communication preferences are a constituent's specific rules of contact, such as to not call after 8:00 p.m. or on weekends. To help maintain positive relationships with constituents, use these rules to make informed decisions about when to reach out and to tailor communications to honor their requests. You can also set a date range of when a communication preference is valid or applies to the constituent. On a constituent's record, you can manage their rules of contact under Communication preferences.

Tip: While communication preferences indicate rules of contact for a constituent, you can also set rules for specific contact information — such as to not use a phone number or email address — under Contact information. For details, seeContact Information.

Note: In the database view, communication preferences appear as solicit codes. In the web view, if you track when preferences are valid, the solicit codes in the database view only include the dates they begin. Your organization can set up the available communication preferences from the Solicit Code category in Tables under Configuration.