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Constituent Giving

Donors may contribute many gifts, including soft credits and matching gift pledges. To help determine the impact a donor has on your organization, you can view and manage information about their giving from their record or a list.

From either Giving on the constituent's record or their full Gifts list, you can view a summary of pertinent details and totals to quickly determine how much — and how often — they give your organization.

Note: For information about gifts and their records, see Gifts.

Note: The gifts received, committed but not paid, soft credits, and lifetime giving estimates provide abbreviations — not rounding — of the constituent's totals. For example, $1,567,890.00 appears as $1.5m.

From the full list of gifts, you can manage the gift information as necessary, such as to filter and analyze by campaign or amount. For information, see Gifts.

Tip: Since people who donate once are likely to do so again, analyze a constituent's giving to help gauge their likelihood to give. For information, see RFM Giving Analysis.