Search for Constituents

To quickly find an individual or organization, select Search and enter their criteria, like you would in Google or another search engine. The search criteria can include their:

  • Name

    • For an individual, this includes their first name, last name, preferred name, former name, or alias.

    • For an organization, this includes its name or alias.

  • Spouse's first or last name, if they're not also a constituent

  • Lookup ID, if they're a constituent

  • Street number and name of any mailing address

  • Phone number, when you enter at least seven consecutive digits

  • Email addresses, except those marked as inactive

Note: While you shouldn’t contact a constituent at an address marked as "Do not mail" or "Do not email" , you can still use it to find their record.

Tip: Searches include results that sound similar to your criteria. For example, searches for "Smith" include matches for "Smyth" and other alternative spellings. The search in the web view does not support wildcard characters — such as * or ? — used to search in the database view.

Tip: Can’t figure out why someone — particularly a person who isn’t a constituent — appears in detailed search results? Use the Contact for column to view their organization’s name when they’re related as a contact. When a person is a contact for multiple organizations, the name of where they are the primary appears. Otherwise, the column includes the name of the organization most recently associated with them.

Tip: Still don't see who you are looking for? Contact your system admin to verify you have rights to their record.