Custom Ratings

With custom ratings, you can manage details your organization tracks about a constituent’s wealth — such as how much they’re worth, whether they might give, when and where the data came from, and any related notes — gathered from your own research or other sources like ResearchPoint, Marts & Lundy, or econometrics. You can also rate someone according to their engagement with your organization, affinity for your cause, or activity on social networks. On a constituent’s record, you can manage their custom ratings under Ratings. For each type — or category — of rating, you can view its most recent information. To view information that was previously saved for a rating source and type, select older ratings.

Tip: To view the latest wealth information for a list of constituents, select Choose columns, choose which rating categories to include, and select Apply changes. For each custom rating, you can view the date and source of its latest information.

Tip: In the database view, you can enter — or import from an outside data agency — custom rating information on the Prospect tab of a constituent's record. Also, you can set up rating categories and data sources from the Ratings and Sources categories in Tables under Configuration.