Donor Lifecycle Analysis

It's easy to focus on how much you bring in through your fundraising efforts, but the acquisition and retention of donors are key to effective fundraising. To determine how effectively you acquire and retain supporters, analyze where they fall in your donor lifecycle.

Note: In Analyze or Reporting, constituents who've never given or who last gave over five years ago have a lifecycle status of None found.

To help gauge supporter engagement, you can quickly analyze your donor acquisition, retention, and attrition statistics under Overview in Fundraising, Analyze or Reporting.

Ideally, your donor acquisition and retention — and the giving of those supporters — outweighs your donor attrition and their at-risk revenue. For suggestions on how to acquire and retain donors or recapture those who lapse or are lost, see Donor Acquisition and Retention or Donor Attrition.

Tip: In Analyze or Reporting, the donor lifecycle metrics consider only constituents' personal giving to your organization. To consider soft credits in addition to personal giving to gauge donor attrition, use tags on constituent lists or records. For more information, see Tags and Recommendations.