As many people will spend more for an event when some of its cost goes toward charity, your organization should consider events — such as walkathons, galas, concert festivals, tournaments, and classes — to raise awareness of your mission, engage new constituents, and encourage giving. After an event, follow up with participants to thank them for their support and offer chances to continue their relationship with your organization. You can view pertinent details about a constituent’s events — such as whether they attended, how much they paid (or have left to pay), and how they were involved — on their record under Events.

Tip: To find an event on a constituent’s record, sort the columns under Events or search by its name, the constituent’s participation or payment status, or the name of a guest or sponsor. To choose which information to view, select Choose columns, choose which details to include, and select Apply changes.

Note: With Events Management, in the database view, you can manage details about an event and its participants from an event record. If event participants are also constituents, you can manage their event information from the Events tab of their constituent records.