Fundraising Benchmarks

To help identify gaps in your organization's fundraising effectiveness, it's valuable to understand how others perform. Under Benchmarking in Fundraising, Analyze or Reporting, you can compare your donor pool and giving to that of other Blackbaud customers in your country.

Note: This functionality is only available for those in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

For apples-to-apples comparison, the metrics include the same types of records across all organizations. To further narrow the focus, use the filters to choose which types and sizes of organizations and calendar year to include.

Based on these benchmarks, you can determine which areas and donors to focus on to improve performance.

Tip: To view the Benchmarking dashboard in Reporting, select Add , Benchmarking, Open.

Note: To enable comparison, Benchmarking uses anonymized statistics aggregated across Blackbaud customers. Rest easy, no identifiable information — about your organization or its constituents — is used.

Note: Since these benchmarks include specific gift types and calendar years, they likely differ from similar analytics elsewhere in Fundraising, Analyze or Reporting, which use your configured revenue types and fiscal year.