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What's New

To ease navigation, you can now search for constituents and manage multiple resources from where you also access feature areas within Raiser's Edge NXT.

  • If you use multiple Blackbaud products that support Blackbaud ID, you can seamlessly switch between them and Raiser's Edge NXT.

  • To search for a constituent, select Search , and then choose a recently-accessed record or enter the criteria of who to find. For more information, see Search for Constituents.

  • To access the database view or use another database, select Database .

    • If you use multiple databases, choose which one to use.

    • To access the database view, select Open database view. For more information, see Database View.

  • To manage your personal account details, select your initials.

    • To manage your Blackbaud ID used to sign in to Raiser's Edge NXT, select Blackbaud ID profile.

    • To manage your Blackbaud account and subscriptions, select Account.

    • To securely sign out of Raiser's Edge NXT, select Sign out.

  • For helpful information — like this very content! — about what you're working with, or for resources like the Community or Support, select Help .

Note: Not new to you? To help test this new navigation, some received this feature before others. Lucky you!

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