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To help determine how much to solicit a constituent through email communications and online donation forms, Target Analytics uses advanced predictive analytics to provide a suggested range of low, medium, and high ask amounts — such as $25-$50-$75 or $100-$150-$250 — for donors' next gifts. In a list of constituents, you can now filter records based on this suggested online ask amount.

Tip: To view these suggested ask amounts in a constituent list, select Choose columns , Online ask amount, and Apply changes. If a constituent has no suggested ask amount, 'No amount assigned' appears.

  1. On the constituent list, select Filters , Wealth & ratings.

  2. Under Online ask amount, filter the list by the suggested ask amount:

    • To include constituents with no suggested ask amount, select No amount assigned.

    • To include constituents based on their ask amount, choose whether to consider their Low, Medium, or High ask amount, and enter the amount to include, such as Greater than $100 or Between $50 and $150.

  3. Select Apply filters.

Tip: To help ensure Target Analytics can suggest online ask amounts, ensure your constituents' records have their complete and accurate names — including any suffixes — and mailing addresses.

For more information, see Wealth and Ratings Filters and Online Ask Amounts.

Tip: For suggested minimum and maximum ask amounts for a constituent's annual giving, refer to their Next ask amount from Target Analytics with Wealth Analytics. For more information, see Blackbaud NXT Ratings.

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