Top Appeals Analysis

Appeals are the solicitations used to bring in gifts, such as direct mailings, phonathons, auctions, or gala events. To track an appeal's effectiveness, your organization may set goals to raise toward a linked campaign. To compare and analyze your solicitations, you can view your ten top-grossing appeals under Overview or Appeals from Fundraising, Analyze or Reporting. Under Top appeals, you can view how much money each appeal raised in comparison to its goal amount (if set).

Tip: With the Revenue type filter, you can choose whether to analyze revenue received through cash-in-hand giving or committed through pledges and matching gifts. For more information, see Revenue and Recognition.

  • To analyze giving through only specific appeals, during a specific time frame, or toward specific campaigns or funds, use the filters under Giving.

  • For more information about an appeal, select its name to open its record.

  • To view a list of gifts an appeal acquires, select its bar in the chart. For further analysis, select Create list to open the list in Lists, where you can apply additional filters, choose columns, and save for future reuse. For more information, see Lists.

If an appeal struggles to succeed, make sure its goal amount is realistic and review its content for areas to improve. For recommendations on how to craft effective appeals, see Appeals Best Practices.

Tip: For details about an appeal, select its name to open its record. For more information, see Appeal Records.