A record — such as of a constituent, gift, action, or opportunity — contains all kinds of information. To help focus on only what matters to you, you can manage how the information on a record appears.

  • To rearrange the order of how information appears, move it by its anchor .

  • To hide or show information, select its Collapse or Expand .

  • To quickly hide or show all information on a record, select Collapse all or Expand all .

Note: To help you skim a record, a check mark or summary total appears when a collapsed section contains any information.

Records remember how you arrange their information, and you can set up records for mobile differently than for your desktop. Set it once on each device and forget it!

Tip: To easily return to a record on a regular basis, bookmark it in your browser. You can also share its URL with others. For a reminder to review a record again in the future, copy and paste its URL into an appointment in your personal calendar application such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.