Recurring Gifts

Recurring gifts are commitments to donate at regular intervals, such as through automatic monthly gifts of $50. When donors fulfill their regular commitments, you can track the gifts as recurring gift payments. Recurring gifts differ from pledges because when donors commit to them, you don't know the total amount you'll receive. On the record of a recurring gift, you can view information about its payments, schedule, and any amendments.

Tip: In the database view, you can manage recurring gift details from the Gifts tab of the recurring gift record template. To save information about how much (and when) the donor will pay at each interval, select Schedule. After you receive a payment, create a new gift record, and select Gift, Apply to, Recurring Gift to apply it toward the recurring gift. If you use Electronic Funds Transfer, you can select Automatically Generate Transactions/Payments in Batch to create new gift records from the template.