Related Individuals and Organizations

To help cultivate your relationships with constituents, we recommend you track detailed information about their relationships with other individuals and organizations, such as spouses, employers, and primary contacts. With this information, you can:

  • Help give your constituent interactions more meaning and context.

  • Track potential leads to help cultivate the constituent's giving.

  • Identify prospective donors and volunteers.

From a constituent’s record, you can add biographical and contact information about new related individuals and organizations. We recommend you enter as much information as possible, as these details could be valuable as you cultivate your relationship with the constituent!

On a constituent's record, you can select the name of a related individual or organization — such as under Relationships or by Spouse — to open their record and view detailed information.

Note: Relationship information is only available from constituent records.

Note: If the related individual or organization is also a constituent, such as a fundraiser, their record contains additional information. For details, see Constituent Records.

Tip: In the database view, you can manage information about individuals and organizations related to a constituent from the Relationships tab of the constituent's record.