Tags and Recommendations

To help focus on relationships that need your attention, Raiser's Edge NXT automatically listens to your active constituent records and tags them each night based on special situations such as upcoming birthdays or lapsed giving. With these tags, you can prioritize interactions and easily identify donors to engage with. For each tag, we recommend you respond appropriately to help cultivate the relationship.

You can view tags for constituents throughout Raiser's Edge NXT.

  • To view which situations apply to a constituent, refer to Tags on their record.

  • To view which situations apply to a list of constituents, include the Tags column.

    Tip: To filter a list a constituents by tags, use the Tagged with filter to include only those with or without tags or specific situations. For more information, see Constituent List Filters.

  • To quickly view who in your fundraising portfolio is tagged and needs attention, select Overview in Work Center. For more information, see Fundraising Work Center Overview.

Note: Raiser's Edge NXT automatically applies tags to constituents based on your data. You can't add or edit a constituent's tags.