Email Consent

To help you easily manage consent, communications you send from Email automatically include a link that recipients can select to unsubscribe from — or opt back into — future messages. When a constituent selects the link:

  • Their record updates the Email channel under Consent to show their response. For more information, see Consent.

  • The status of their primary email address changes to — or from — Do not email.

Tip: Admins! In the database view, you can configure business rules from Configuration, Business Rules, Consent options to automatically update communication preferences when a constituent's consent changes. To set rules for Raiser’s Edge NXT, create a new mapping and select Email in the Channel field and leave the option for Category blank. If you previously used Online Express or Blackbaud NetCommunity to send email and your organization set consent rules, you must also add rules for Raiser’s Edge NXT. For more information, see Configure Consent Business Rules.

Tip: Want to add communication preferences for recipients who opted out before you set your consent rules? In the database view, use Query to search for constituents who don’t have the solicit code on their record, but do have DNC (Do Not Contact) selected.

Note: Currently, recipients can only unsubscribe from — or opt back into — all messages from your organization. In future releases, they'll also be able to select their interests.