Email Designer

The look and feel of an email sets the tone for your message and helps capture your recipients' attention. To help you craft modern, mobile responsive content, you can use the email designer when you create email. In Marketing, Email, select Create an email and select how to begin your design.

  • Feeling creative? Select Create email from a blank layout and use the email designer to define the layout and style of the message. For more information, see Email Designer for Blank Layouts.

  • Need some inspiration? Select Create email from a template and choose a best practice template to start from. For more information, see Email Designer for Templates.

Note: Before you create content and schedule an email for delivery, identify who should receive it. To create a list of recipients, in Lists, Constituents, select how to start, such as with a new list or from a static query. From the list, select Filtersand choose criteria to only include records for your target audience. For more information, see Lists.