Manage Dashboards

Dashboards allow you to select the insights you want to display so you can view and analyze your data. From Report builder, view and manage dashboards under Dashboards.

Note: Don't have Report builder yet? No need to worry. If all goes well based on feedback and usage, expect its wider release in a future update.

When you create or select an existing dashboard, you see Dashboard builder, where you can find the available insights out of the box. With Insight Designer, you also see insights your organization designed. To add an insight to the dashboard, find it under Insight and drag it to the screen. Then, you can drag the insight anywhere on the screen and resize it. You can also make edits to the insight.

  • To edit the insight, hover over the insight and select Go to insight.

  • To edit the insight's properties, hover over the insight and select Edit properties.

Once you are done creating your dashboard, you must select Save or Save and Close to save your changes. To rename the dashboard, edit the description, or manage access to the dashboard, select Properties. You can select Preview to see how others will see the dashboard. Previewing the dashboard does not save your changes.