Single Sign-On for Altru

We've all felt frustrated by having so many logins to remember for our daily tasks. To simplify and improve your Blackbaud log-in experience, we streamlined our system so you can use one set of credentials to access all Blackbaud resources. With the new Blackbaud Omnibar and single sign-on features, you can log in to Altru,, and other Blackbaud programs using the same username and password. For example, if you use Altru and Financial Edge NXT, when you log in to Altru with your Blackbaud single sign-on account, you are logged in to Financial Edge NXT automatically and you can easily navigate between the two programs in the same window.

Note: Your organization will be notified before being upgraded to the Blackbaud Omnibar with single sign-on support.


Upgrade Tasks

Before your site is upgraded: site administrators: Invite all users to create a Blackbaud ID account.

After your site is upgraded:

Altru system administrators: Invite existing users to link their Altru accounts to their Blackbaud ID account.
Altru users: Update your OData and API connnections.

Tip: We recommend that you create a unique user account for each Altru user. For example, do not create one account that all ticket sellers share. If you must create a shared user account, make sure to use a shared email address for the login.

Manage Application Users

As part of the new log-in experience, we improved the way system administrators manage application users. From the Administration page, use the new Application Users link to complete these tasks:

To provide Altru users with access to resources on, site administrators will need to add users to their Blackbaud site account.

Note: The Organizational units area of Administration was removed. Going forward, you should use the new Application Users area to manage users and assign their roles.

Also, the Security and Change password links were removed from Administration. Use the System roles link to edit tasks and permissions for roles. Users will now manage their passwords using the Forgot password? link on the sign-in screen and from the Omnibar in Altru.

The login process is a little different than you're used to.

The actions you’ll need to take after the upgrade will depend on your current setup.

Note: A benefit to using a Blackbaud ID for these connections is that passwords no longer expire after 90 days.

Scenario 1: We have a dedicated user account for API/Odata connections (like OdataUser1234) that is not used to log in to Altru.

If you have a dedicated user account for Odata/API connections, you won't need to change/update credentials right away — your existing Altru credentials will continue to work for Odata/API connections. However, the old 90 day password reset requirement means that you will eventually need to link the dedicated account to a Blackbaud ID before the password expires.

Scenario 2: I use my own login for API/Odata connections (such as JLewis1234) and I will link to a Blackbaud ID.

If you currently use the same username & password for Odata/API connections that you use to log in to Altru, you will need to update those credentials after the upgrade. For example, you'll link JLewis1234 (your current Altru account) to (your new Blackbaud ID). When you connect to an Odata feed via Excel, enter your Blackbaud ID credentials to log in.

Scenario 3: I use my own login for API/Odata connections (such as JLewis1234) and I plan to link via Google Authentication.

Google authentication does not work with Odata or the API so you'll need to use Blackbaud authentication — even with a Gmail account.

Note: If you already authenticated your Blackbaud ID using your Google account, but want to switch to using Blackbaud authentication, follow these steps.

Additional Tips