Batch Enhancements

Several enhancements in Blackbaud CRM 3.0 now improve the batch process for the web transactions that you download from your website.

Donation and signup transactions now use the Enhanced Revenue Batch and Constituent Update Batch batch templates. This replaces the BBIS Donation Transaction Batch and BBIS Signup Transaction Batch batch templates, which can no longer accept downloaded transactions. This enhancement means that after you upgrade to Blackbaud CRM 3.0, you must perform manual steps such as creating new batch templates before you can resume downloading transactions. For information about these manual steps, please review the upgrade path instructions on our website.

For more information about the new batch templates, see the Blackbaud CRM New Features Guide.

You can also now view and edit the batches for event registrations and profile updates in the web-based version of Blackbaud CRM. Previously, you could commit these batches in the web-based version, but to view or edit transaction details, you had to access the batches in the click-once version of the program that you access from the program's Start page by clicking Smart Client instead of Blackbaud CRM. Now you can view, edit, and commit BBIS Event Registration Transaction Batches and BBIS Profile Update Transaction Batches in both the web-based and click-once versions of the program.

Finally, you can now use the Membership Dues Batch batch type to download membership transactions from the new Membership Form part. For information about the new Membership Form part, see Membership Form on page 1.