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Favicon Images

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You can now add branding to your web address so users can quickly associate it with your organization. Use the new Favicon image field in general site settings to select a small icon to represent your website. The image appears in browser address bars and locations where users save your website URL, such as browser favorite lists.

To add a custom favicon to your site, click Browse beside the Favicon image field and select an .ico image file. We recommend you upload a 16x16 or 32X32 pixel image for maximum display quality in modern browsers on desktop and mobile platforms. If you select an image with a different file type or size, or if the file does not convert correctly to .ico, the file may not render correctly in all browsers.

Note: The image file size must be 50KB or less.

Previously, websites rendered favicons in browser address bars only when an .ico file was sized and saved in Image library.

Tip: If Blackbaud hosts your website, we recommend you add a favicon image to prevent issues when there are environment changes.