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User Photos Form

Previously, profile images saved as a profile image type when they were uploaded on the User Photos Form part. With this release and the profile image enhancements on the Profile Update Form, images uploaded on the User Photos Form save as a personal type. You can design these images to display on the web page with the profile image from the Profile Update Form.

Warning: After you implement the new profile image on the Profile Update Form, we recommend you remove any User Photos Form parts that display profile images. If you do not remove them from your website, you risk inadvertently overwriting profile images. The most recent image uploaded by users remains as the current profile image automatically when you use the new profile image. Therefore, you can remove these User Photos Form parts from your site.

When an image's tag is the same as the tag selected on the User Photos Form part, the image displays on the page regardless if the image type is personal or profile. Previously, only profile image types displayed. To view personal and profile image types in your database, in Image library, select the type to view in the Type of image field on the Search tab. You can view the tags for an image on its properties.