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Email Templates

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To improve email marketing for mobile users, six new mobile friendly email templates are available for you to copy and use as new templates. These templates are more narrow in width and include larger fonts for improved usability on mobile devices. They also render more consistently across mobile devices, browsers, and desktop and web-based email programs. You can easily identify these in the email templates grid by viewing templates with “Placeholder” in the Description column.

To copy a mobile friendly template, select the one you need. In the Action column, click Click here to copy this email template. After you copy it, update all placeholder text with your unique content in the new email template. For example, you can replace the merge field placeholder text with merge fields in the HTML editor. You can also replace the sample logo banner with your organization's logo banner.

Below is a list of the six mobile friendly email templates. To secure the content in the templates, you cannot edit or delete them.

Tip: One copy of each mobile friendly email template exists in the program. When you host multiple websites, you access them in each site's Templates area.