Import Selections

From the Import selections page in Analysis, you can create and manage import selection processes. Under Imported selections, information about each import selection process appears. The information includes the process name and description, the status of its most recent instance, and the type of record selection it creates. Other details include the owner of the process, the category it is assigned to, its availability in the query designer, and the sites associated with it. To view additional information about a process such as its recent status or history, select the process name in the grid. The process status page appears. For information about the items on this page, refer to Import Selection Process Status Page.

To complete tasks for a process, click the double arrows next to the process name to expand the row. Use the task buttons to edit, delete, or assign permissions to it. You can also import a different file to use with the process. For information, refer to Import a File for an Import Selection Process.

You can also customize the list of import selection processes. You can add and remove columns and choose how they filter and sort. For example, for the Record type column, you can set the filters to display only constituent import selection processes. You can also save list parameters to quickly display different views of the list. For example, you may want processes that imported with exceptions to display fewer columns or in a different order. To save list parameters, click Save list. You can also search the list by keyword.

Show Me: Watch this video to learn more about list features.

To reduce the amount of time it takes to find a process, you can filter the grid by criteria such as the process name, type, and category. You can also select to view only processes you own. To filter the processes that appear in the grid, click Filter, enter the criteria of the processes to view, and click Apply.