Constituent Groups and Households

At your organization, you may find it important to track constituent groups and households. For example, a group of constituents may form a giving circle to pool fund together to donate to your organization in a joint effort. Constituent groups help you track the activities and giving of everyone included in the group. Constituent groups also help your organization recognize revenue received as coming from the group rather than an individual. Before you can add a constituent group to the database, your organization must configure the types of groups it uses.

Households help you track the activities and giving of everyone who lives under one roof. Constituent households also help your organization avoid the creation of duplicate mail for constituents who share an address. When you add an individual relationship for an individual constituent and the related individual is a spouse or shares a household with the constituent, the program automatically creates a record of the constituent household. You can configure whether and how constituent households receive recognition credit for revenue donated by members of the household. When a household member donates to your organization, these configuration settings determine whether you recognize the household, the member, all other household members, or a combination of all three.