Mail Preferences

To respect a constituent’s communication preferences, you can use constituents’ mail preferences. For example, a constituent may request to receive appeal mailings at the primary home address and revenue acknowledgments at the primary email address. From a constituent record, you can manage the constituent’s communications preferences. Select the Communications tab and then select Preferences.

Under Mail preferences, you can view the mail preferences assigned to the constituent. For each preference, you can view its applicable criteria and whether to send communications that meet the criteria to the constituent. If the Send column displays Yes, the preferred channel, or delivery method, and address type appear. You can also view any comments entered about the preference.

You can filter the preferences that appear by mail type. For example, if a constituent requests to receive communications of multiple types through multiple channels, the grid may display numerous preferences. To view only preferences that apply to a specific mail type, click Filter on the action bar, select the applicable mail type, and click Apply.

From the grid, you can add and manage the communication preferences for the constituent. You can set preferences separately for each mail type. If a constituent has one preferred channel for all communications, you can also set one preference for all mail types.