Change Group Reservation Status

The status of a reservation helps your organization manage group orders. It provides a clear indicator of where the order is during each step of the reservation process. Typically, a reservation progresses through each status in a specific order. For example, when an order is added, it automatically has a status of “Pending.” When a contract is sent to the group, the status becomes “Tentative.” When the contract is returned and the deposit received, the status becomes “Confirmed.” After the group provides the final count of those attending, the status moves to “Finalized.”

If you configure and use the reservation defaults to require and calculate due dates for the deposit, contract, final count, and order balance, the applicable status is set automatically as the order progresses. For example, when you mark the contract as sent in the Due dates grid of a reservation record, the status of the order automatically becomes “Tentative.” The status is clearly displayed at the top of the reservation.

Although the status of an order can be automatically set, you can also manually override the status. For example, you may not require a contract or a deposit for a specific reservation, in this case you can access the reservation record and manually change the status to “Confirmed.”

Note: If you cancel a reservation, the status automatically changes to “Canceled.” However, you cannot manually change the status of a reservation to “Canceled.” For more information, see Cancel Group Reservations.