Confirm Final Count for a Group Order

When a group visit or facility rental reservation is booked, the number of planned attendees is usually provided by the patron and recorded on the reservation. In many cases, the number of attendees will change prior to the actual visit, which can affect the cost and available capacity. To help avoid capacity issues and to make sure the group is aware of the actual cost of their visit, many organizations require that the “final count” of attendees be provided by a deadline.

On the Group Sales Settings page, you can configure the final count to be required by default for group reservations. If required, you configure rules to calculate the due date based on the order creation date or the date the group visit occurs. For more information, see Configure Final Count Defaults.

Note: If your organization requires a final count, the due date for receiving the final count is displayed on the summary panel of the reservation record and on the Due Dates tab.

When you mark the final count as received, it means you have received the final number of attendees for the group visit or rental. When you mark the final count as received, the status of the order changes to “Finalized.” Typically, after you receive the final count, you also update the group’s itinerary to adjust the quantity of tickets needed. For more information, see Edit Group Itineraries.

Note: The final count of attendees affects the cost of a facility rental only if tickets and/or per ticket resources with a cost are included in the rental order. Typically, a facility rental involves only a single cost for the location being rented. This cost is usually a flat amount entered on the itinerary using a custom item and is not calculated based on number of attendees or price types.