Manage Group Order Contracts

If you require a contract for group reservations, you create the contract from the Due Dates tab on a reservation record. After a contract is created, you can print it or attach a copy to an email and send it to the group contact person.

Note: Only contracts in *.docx file format are compatible.

When you send the contract, you mark it as sent in system. This enables you to keep a record of exactly when you send contracts to patrons, which is helpful if you need to follow-up. When a contract is marked as sent, the status of the group order automatically changes to “Tentative.”

After the group contact person returns the contract to your organization, you can mark it as received. This will change the order status to “Confirmed.” If you also require a deposit and it was not received before or along with the contract, the order status will stay “Tentative” until you receive both the contract and the deposit.

In some cases, the group may request changes to their planned visit that require a new contact. In this case, you can replace the current contract with a new one. Additionally, you can view, edit, print and email contracts created for a group order.