Recognition Settings

Recognition credits provide flexibility in how you recognize constituents for donations. For example, you can recognize someone other than the donor of a gift, or you can recognize a donor for more or less than the amount of the gift. You can also recognize a donor for a portion of a gift over an extended period of time. With recognition credits, you can evaluate giving for recognition purposes such as donor walls, honor rolls, or giving club classifications.

On the Recognition Settings page, you can specify default recognition options for anonymous payments as well as payments made to commitments. You can also determine the default recognition credit types that get created and assigned to donors and to households. For example, you may want to use a recognition credit type of “Donor” to use for any recognition credit assigned to the actual donor of the revenue. However, you may want to use a recognition credit type of “Household member” for recognition credit that is assigned to members of the donor’s household.

To access the Recognition Settings page, from Revenue, click Recognition settings under Configuration.