Configure a members only pre-sale period for online sales

1. From the program record, select the On-sale tab.
2. Under On-sale information, expand Online Sales and click Edit.
3. On the Edit on-sale information screen, under When will tickets go on sale?, make sure the on sale period is not set to "Immediately."
4. To limit pre-sale tickets to members only, select Allow members to buy tickets in advance.
5. In the Membership program and Level columns, select which membership programs and levels are eligible to purchase pre-sale tickets to this program.
6. In the Tickets per transaction column, enter the maximum number of pre-sale tickets an eligible member is allowed to purchase.
When you enter zero, there is no maximum to the number of pre-sale tickets the member can purchase for the selected program level.
If you select "All programs" and "All levels", the program is available to any active member during the pre-sale period.
7. In the Pre-sale period begins field, select when to start the pre-sale period.
8. Click Save to return to the On-sale tab.
9. Under Pre-sale tickets, click Edit to enter the number of tickets available for pre-sale.

Tip: Members must sign in to your website to verify their eligibility to purchase pre-sale tickets. If users are not eligible members, options may appear on the form to encourage them to purchase the required membership.

10. Click Save.