Add New User

Data managers can add new users via the Data import task with a User Management type of data import or platform managers can manually add users. There must be at least 20 records in order to use the Data Refresh process. If there are less than 20 new users, add them manually.

Manually add a new user

  1. From Core, select Users and then select Add a new user.

  2. Complete the User information fields. The Host ID is used to match users in the system database with users in your existing database.

    Note: Select Employee if the user is a current or future employee. The screen expands to include additional fields. See add employment for additional information.

  3. Complete the following fields under Login information:

    • User logs in using system Podium username and password. Select this option if the user needs to log into the community.

      • Username: Enter a unique username (not to exceed 100 characters).

      • Temp password: Enter a temporary password that is less than 25 characters; the user will be prompted to create a new password when they first log in.

      • Confirm temp password: Re-enter the temp password.

    • User does not log in: Select this option if the user does not need to log into the community. Selecting this option collapses the username and password fields.

  4. Select Save.

  5. Select Add another user if necessary or Edit to open the new profile.

Note: If the new user is a student, see Enroll individual students for additional instructions.