Advanced Lists

A platform manager or list manager (users with the Manage list category task) can create specific, customized queries without the constraints of basic lists. From Analysis, select Manage lists and then select Manage basic and advanced lists.

Since advanced lists are ad hoc queries, each object in an advanced list corresponds to a table and data in your database. You can join objects together to create lists of data from multiple tables of data. You can also choose how to filter the data and which data to show in the output.

Warning: This is an advanced feature. It requires knowledge of how to write and work with SQL statements. You also need a firm understanding of how data in stored in various tables for your school's database.

Tip: As the SKY Lists and Reporting are expanded for the K-12 products, you'll probably gradually use these older, Advanced lists less often. Newer SKY Lists are designed to be more intuitive and user friendly. You can edit the newer lists without SQL. Refer to Manage lists.

Use categories to organize basic or advanced lists