Clone Roles

Platform managers can clone a role to assign it to a user, but not all the tasks associated with the role. In order to clone the appropriate role, the Platform Manager must understand the role's tasks and permissions.

Warning: Due to the intricacies of certain manager roles (ex: Platform manager, Page manager, Pushpage (Newsletter) manager, etc.), cloning these roles may not produce the desired effect as the cloned role may have more access than desired. We recommend testing the cloned role before assigning membership to ensure that security issues are not introduced.

Warning: When new features are released or existing features are updated, the original role might receive new tasks or an existing task may have updated functionality (such as a new button on an existing screen). You may need to review the clones to enable a new task or disable existing tasks based on those updates to be sure the clone doesn't have too much or too little power.

  1. From Core, select Security and then select Roles.

  2. Select Add.

  3. Enter a Role name for the new role.

  4. Select an existing role and select Next.

  5. Select the navigation tasks to associate with the new role and select Next.

  6. To add members to the role, search for each user by selecting any combination of the following criteria in the "Enter Search Criteria" box:

    1. Role: Select from any of the Active roles listed.

    2. Grad year: Choose a specific Grad year or search using All.

    3. Search in: Choose from Last name, First name, Email, Maiden name, Business name, User ID, Host ID.

  7. Select the right arrows (>>) to add the users.

  8. Select Save & exit.

Tip: To limit directory results by school level, campus location (for a school with multiple campuses), or other groupings, we recommend you create a clone of the "friend" role for each desired grouping. Then add users to the appropriate role. Finally, create a new directory or edit an existing one to use the new roles.