Manage Roles

Platform managers can view and manage all roles within the system.

  1. From Core, select Security and then select Roles.

  2. Select the role to edit.

    • Properties enables you to edit the name of a role, or make it active/inactive.

    • Members shows users who currently have this role, enables you to add or remove members, and filter access for some roles.

    • Tasks enables you to activate/inactivate tasks, as well as rename or reorder them.

    • Reports shows the system reports users with this role will have access to.

    • Remove Role can be used to remove cloned roles.

    • Audit History shows a list of users who had the role added or dropped, the date each change was made, and the name of the user who made the change.

Platform managers can also clone roles, but not all the tasks associated with the role.

Warning: Due to the intricacies of manager roles (ex: Platform Manager, Page Manager, Pushpage2010 Manager, etc.), cloning these roles may not produce the desired effect as the cloned role may have more access than desired. We recommend testing the cloned role before assigning membership to ensure that security issues are not introduced.

Tip: For information about roles and tasks for SKY API, see API & SDK.