Standard Application Online (TEMA/SSATB SAO)

Tip: Please contact your Account Executive for details about installing this integration. There is an annual fee to use this integration.

Many independent and private K-12 schools accept the Standard Application Online (SAO). It enables students and families to submit a single, online, application form to participating schools. It reduces the need for families to enter duplicate information and makes it easier for families to quickly apply to multiple schools. It's managed by The Enrollment management Association (TEMA) (formerly known as the Secondary School Admission Test Board or SSATB).

When an applicant applies to your school using SAO integration, the application is handled by the 'Blackbaud's Education Management' products. Admissions managers process SAO applications from Enrollment management using the same user interface and workflow process as regular application forms. Likewise, users can print SAOs, just like they print other application forms.

A platform manager can manage this integration. From Core, select Settings. Then select Integration settings and then Standard Application Online (SAO).

Before getting started, here are a couple of details to keep in mind:

  1. The Enrollment management current year needs to match SAO's current listed year.

  2. The SAO candidate biographic record must first be complete in order for the application to sync.

Tip: Enrollment managers can sync applications submitted prior to the integration installation. From Standard Application Online (SAO) under Integration settings, edit and change the Start date which will sync everything after the entered value.