Media Embed Utility

The Media Embed Utility converts media files linked in Raiser's Edge 7 or Financial Edge 7 to media objects embedded in your database. This consolidates all of your files so they can automatically move with you to a hosted environment or upgrade to Raiser's Edge NXT or Financial Edge NXT.

Getting Started

The Media Embed Utility is simple to run, but there are a few things to consider before you get started.

  • You must run the utility as an administrator and have rights to view and edit the media you want to embed.
  • You can run the utility from any location with Raiser's Edge 7 or Financial Edge 7 installed and has access to the linked media files. If files are accessible from only certain machines, run the utility on those machines too.
  • If you have multiple databases, the utility uses the one currently active. To use a different database, select the one you want in Raiser's Edge 7 or Financial Edge 7.
  • The applications required to open linked media files must be installed on the machine running the utility. For example, to convert Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, you must have Excel installed.


  • The utility processes files from smallest to largest, so it may slow the longer it runs and converts increasingly larger files.
  • If the utility is stopped or closed for any reason, it quickly skips over already processed files and resumes where it left off on subsequent runs.
  • The database server needs space to store the processed files and varies depending on the number and size of the linked files.
  • On average, the utility processes 2000 files an hour. However, the run time depends on many factors:
    • Number of files
    • File type and size
    • Server processing speed


After the utility finishes, it produces 3 files in the directory where it was run:

  • The log file is a copy of the log produced as the utility runs, and includes a chronological account of each file it processes.
  • The failed file is a csv containing any errors that occurred and what the errors were, to help identify which files require your attention.
  • The converted file is a csv containing information about any converted linked files, such as the file path, media Id, and file size.

To reprocess any linked media files, such as if you modified any since your last run, you can select Clear processed list to convert every file again.