Friends Asking Friends Outstanding Gifts Reports and Merge Fields


To help you identify Friends Asking Friends donors and participants with outstanding gifts, new reports are available in Report Center.

Note: To enable matching gifts, activate the fields in the Standard Event Fields section of Friends Asking Friends forms. To enable participants to enter offline gift pledges, select the Pledge Entry Tool option in the Website Features section of the Webinfo Checklist. Typically, donors and participants follow up with the companies and offline donors to collect the outstanding gifts.

The reports provide information about the donors and participants including their names, contact details, and matching gift or pledge information to help you determine a reminder strategy. Previously, you could only use event level reports to identify outstanding pledges and matching gifts. The new reports enable you to identify these gifts for multiple events and accounts.

If your reminder strategy includes sending emails from eMail or Event Email Templates, you can use new merge fields when you create message content. To access the fields, click Event Fields in the Content Editor.

Note: To populate event fields for mailings you send in eMail, select Kinterathon in the Initiative Type field when you create the campaign.