Community Development Organizations

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Create Reports

Financial Edge NXT provides powerful tools to ease your reporting burden and help you make more informed financial decisions.

  • Produce advanced reports by funding source against multiple fiscal periods or budget scenarios
  • Quickly and easily adapt reports based on your stakeholders’ unique needs
  • Connect your development and financial offices thanks to robust integration with Raiser's Edge NXT
  • Configure dashboards based on your users’ unique needs
  • Instantly drill-down to account details from reports with just a click
  • Use financial reporting templates for access to reports with varying levels of detail
  • Access more than 100 nonprofit-specific prebuilt reports
  • Take advantage of out-of-the-box FAS 117 compliant financial statement reports

Manage Grants

Financial Edge NXT can help you meet reporting requirements on time and secure future funding to grow the mission.

  • Create and compare grant-level budget scenarios across user-defined timelines
  • Report on grant-specific fiscal periods, status, and reimbursement, and view actual vs. budget performance data
  • Capture financial detail with in-depth grant records without cluttering your chart of accounts
  • Use the media tab to save important documentation to individual grant records
  • Associate funds to various projects and understand where grants are being spent
  • Assign grant-specific tasks, activities, and due dates related to individuals to ensure that you meet deadlines
  • Track reimbursable indirect costs in the grant record based on allowable rates
  • Convert reimbursable expenses directly to accounts receivable
  • Easily allocate direct and indirect costs based on grantor rules


Financial Edge NXT delivers best-in-class budgeting capabilities so you can make informed, strategic decisions for your programs and mission.

  • Create unlimited budget scenarios by department, grant program, or project
  • Configure budgets to automatically update existing accounts
  • Define budget percentages in distribution tables for auto entry of repetitive information
  • Get instant access to actual versus budget performance data
  • Access multiple years of data to identify trends and guide decision making
  • Budget years into the future for long-term strategic planning
  • Set up automatic alerts to notify you if an action will cause you to go over budget
  • Lock approved budgets, requiring future changes to be made as adjustments
  • Create budget adjustment reports and an audit trail


Blackbaud is dedicated to providing excellent service and support built on more than 35 years of experience powering the social good community. We’re with you every step of the way.

  • Enjoy free access to training videos to help you master new features
  • Take advantage of online and in-person technical and best practices training with Blackbaud University
  • Benefit from convenient, in-product access to our analysts
  • Connect with a helpful and robust user community
  • Work with seasoned and knowledgeable advisors focused on adding value to your organization
  • Implement solutions with experienced consultants who are industry experts
  • Enjoy the benefits of having a complete suite of nonprofit management solutions to handle everything from grant and endowment management to fundraising, ticketing, and much more
  • Take advantage of partner benefits, such as special pricing on AICPA nonprofit content


Our secure cloud platform gives you the ability to view and update crucial information whenever and wherever you need to, because your mission doesn't stop when you leave the office.

  • Use Blackbaud’s single sign-on to access your data anywhere and anytime
  • Ensure that your data is always secure and available thanks to our trusted cloud services
  • Connect with other systems using the new Blackbaud SKY API™ and Developer Community
  • Securely share reports across departments using view-only licenses
  • Access information faster than ever before thanks to pervasive search tools and intuitive navigation
  • Create flexible views, favorites, folders, and reminders to suit your personal preferences
  • Enjoy a secure infrastructure that ensures solution uptime and scalability
  • Benefit from 24/7 support tools, like context-sensitive assistance guides, a vibrant user community, and live analyst chat
  • Reduce your organization’s IT burden with frequent releases providing continuous innovation

What Customers Say

See what financial professionals working at community development organizations have to say about Financial Edge NXT.

"We need to be able to show taxpayers how their money is being used every step of the way. With Financial Edge NXT, we’re able to create account codes and break things down in a manner that we were not able to with our old system."
— Lisa Thomas
Accountant II
Association of South Central Oklahoma Governments