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Break the Curve

You already know that 60% of an individual’s health is determined by demographic and socio-economic factors. Blackbaud Healthcare Analytics is the only collective intelligence solution that provides that critical information on your consumers, patients, and constituents and helps you increase operational and foundation revenue, reduce debt, and drive efficiency. So now you’re not just bending the cost curve, you’re breaking it.


Build demand that outpaces capacity. Blackbaud Healthcare Analytics gives you access to demographic and socio-economic data from over 91 million households with over 35 million records processed every day, helping you get more consumers in the door, faster.

  • Acquire new consumers that fit your ideal patient model
  • Target messaging for consumers using the method they prefer
  • Get to today’s healthcare consumer before another provider does


With Blackbaud Healthcare Analytics, your organization will see increased revenue to specified service lines. Access the largest repository of consumer and household insight in the world to drive patient awareness and engagement.

  • Enhance follow up and prevent referral leakage
  • Predict a patient’s ability to pay
  • Engage current patients in the most effective way


Uncover new donors and know exactly how much they’re willing to give. With our unique and proprietary set of grateful patient fundraising solutions you can enhance a patient’s lifetime value with your healthcare system.

  • Connect with your most loyal supporters and most grateful patients
  • Determine a patient’s likelihood to donate
  • Identify a target ask amount

Lifetime Value

Stop guessing. Start connecting. Insight from over 40 unique data assets and 20,000 appends tell you exactly how to reach and engage your patients in the most meaningful way throughout their lifetime.

  • Move consumers to patients to donors
  • Increase earned and given revenue while reducing debt
  • Drive operating efficiency

Join the webinar, Breaking the Healthcare Cost Curve, on Tuesday, June 20.

Discover the benefits of Blackbaud Healthcare Analytics in the data sheet.