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 Luminate Online New Features

July 2018

TeamRaiser Integration with Facebook Fundraiser - Now Available!

TeamRaiser participants can start raising more money for your organization by connecting their registration to a Facebook Fundraiser.

All the donations received through the Facebook Fundraiser will synchronize to the TeamRaiser registration. Plus, the fundraising goal thermometers will match, so participants can easily track their progress towards their total goal.


Blackbaud MobilePay in Luminate Online and TeamRaiser - Coming Soon!

With Blackbaud MobilePay, you'll never miss another donation opportunity. You and your event volunteers can raise funds on-the-go or at a fundraising event by processing credit card donations through your mobile phone or tablet.

After setting up your organization with the Blackbaud MobilePay app and securing your Blackbaud MobilePay readers, you'll enable the mobile pay functionality on donation forms to accept new single gifts, recurring gift payments, or delayed self-pledge payments.


 November 2017

 A new List-Unsubscribe header is now automatically included at the top of your emails sent by Luminate Online! Research has shown that this link reduces spam complaints, boosts sender reputations, and improves inbox placement.

See also our Release Notes!


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Previously Released New Features

Did you miss a release? Review the previously released features. Each release is grouped together for your convenience.

Version 17

Luminate Online - August 2017 (17.8)

Version 16

Luminate Online - September 2016 (16.11)

Luminate Online - March - September 2016 (16.3-16.9)

Luminate Online - January 2016 (16.1)

Version 15

Luminate Online - September 2015 (15.9)

Luminate Online - August 2015 (15.7)

Luminate CMS - August 2015 (11-10)

Luminate Online - May 2015 (15.5)

Luminate Online - April 2015 (15.4)

Luminate Online - March 2015 (15.3)

Version 14

Luminate Online - January 2015 (15.1)

Luminate Online - November 2014 (14.11)

Luminate Online - October 2014(14.10)

Luminate Online - September 2014  (14.9)

Luminate Online - August 2014  (14.8)

Luminate Online - July 2014  (14.7)

Luminate Online - June 2014 (14.6)

Luminate Online - May 2014 (14.5)

Luminate Online - April 2014 (14.4)



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