Blackbaud Online Express Bill Pay

Welcome to Online Express Bill Pay. Blackbaud Online Express Bill Pay is a new, user-friendly way to accept payments on your NetClassroom website and integrate them directly with Student Billing.

How to Use Online Express Bill Pay in 5 Steps:

Group Sales Enhancements
Helping You with In-Product Help
Speed Through Ticket Scanning
Improved Duplicate Resolution
Allocate Fees on Special Events


Helpful Links:

new features guide PDF

Online Express Bill Pay User Guide

» View and Print the User Guide

Education Solutions IdeaBank

Education Solutions IdeaBank

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Education Solutions Blog

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How-to Documentation  

How-to Documentation

» The Education Edge

» Student Information System

» Faculty Access for the Web






Online Express Bill Pay

Easy Set Up.

Secure Bill Payments.

Integrated with Student Billing and Netclassroom. 

Update your Software

To use Online Express Bill Pay, you need to update your installation of The Education Edge or Blackbaud Student Information System to version 7.85.

Update Guide —

»  Blackbaud Student Information System Update Guide 

»  The Education Edge Update Guide

Release Notes —

We also recommend you review what's new in the 7.85 release.

»  Blackbaud Student Information System 7.85 Release Notes 

»  The Education Edge 7.85 Release Notes

Overview of Online Express Bill Pay  —

» Review the Overview Help Information





Set Up Online Express Bill Pay

After you update your software, you need to set up your security rights and sign up for Online Express Bill Pay.


» Review the Help Information

» Go to the How to Provision Online Express Bill Pay visual walkthrough






Design a Bill Payment Form

You design your bill payment form when you first set up Online Express Bill Pay, but also you can edit the design as needed. There are five tabs for the form. You can review the help information or view the five videos for each tab of the form design.

» Review the Help Information

Review the Online Express Bill Pay Form Setup Screen 

» Watch the Getting Started Tab video

» Watch the Layout Tab video

» Watch the Content Tab video

» Watch the Acknowledgments Tab video

» Watch the Process Preview Tab video





Pay Student Bills in NetClassroom

For Online Express Bill Pay, you can provide a handout to student relations and students to help explain the new online student bill pay process. To customize for your school needs, open and edit the Microsoft Word version. Also, learn more about how to make the online bill payment available for parents and students in NetClassroom.

» Online Express Bill Pay for NetClassroom Handout [.PDF]

» Online Express Bill Pay for NetClassroom Handout [.DOCX]

» Review the Help Information





Manage Transactions in Student Billing

After you design your form and payers submit student bill payments online in NetClassroom, you need to manage those transactions in Student Billing. Review the help information or watch videos about how to manage transactions and how to review deposits you recently committed with Fast!

» Review the Help Information

» Watch the Manage Transactions video

» Watch the Recently Committed Deposits video

» Fast! Guide [.PDF]










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