Blackbaud Sphere 9.4.4 New Features

The Blackbaud Sphere January 2014 (version 9.4.4) release delivers a new Friends Asking Friends mobile registration form. Take advantage of the resources on this site to prepare yourself for the new feature.

In the Previously Released New Features section, learn about historical new features. 

Friends Asking Friends Mobile Registration Form

Mobile registration is now available for Friends Asking Friends event websites.  

Mobile Registration Form


Learn more about the feature watch a video about the feature


Helpful Links:

new features guide PDF

New Features User Guide

» View and Print the User Guide

Sphere IdeaBank

Sphere IdeaBank

» Vote and Share Your Ideas

View the Blackbaud Education Edge KnowHow blog

Sphere Blog

» Read the KnowHow Blog

How-to Documentation  

How-to Documentation

» Sphere 

» Previous New Features

Sphere Online Training

Online Training

» View Sphere Videos

Sphere Discovery

Product Discovery

» Participate in Improving Sphere


Previously Released New Features

Did you miss a release? Review the previously released features. Each release is grouped together for your convenience.

Blackbaud Sphere 9.4.3 (Summer 2013)

Blackbaud Sphere 9.4.2 (April 2013)



Historical Blackbaud NetCommunity Update Guides

Historical New Features Release Notes

Review the new and enhanced features from previous Blackbaud Sphere releases. 

Open the Acrobat PDF or right-click the link to save the PDF to your computer!

» Blackbaud Sphere 9.4.3 (August 2013)

» Blackbaud Sphere 9.4.2 (April 2013)

» Blackbaud Sphere 9.4.1 (August 2012)

» Blackbaud Sphere 9.4.0 (February 2012)

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