8 Stewardship Strategies That Honor Your Mission

Are you stewarding your donors?

Stewarding your donors is important to the mission of your nonprofit.

So, what is stewarding?

Stewarding your donors is the key to growing your non-profit. From the time they make their first gift to volunteering. Celebrating their first step is like cultivating before a donation is made. Stewardship is critical to keeping your supporters, so you do not lose them after their first gift. This creates a deeper, lasting relationship between the donor and your organization.

Just like a successful company, you have to keep your current customers, or donors, happy. The best way to keep them happy? Celebrate them. Honor and highlight your donors to make them feel included in your mission. Belonging to an organization empowers them to be a part of something bigger than themselves.


So how do you steward?

Celebrating every gift from your donors can look different depending on your organization. For some of you, mailing a hand written thank you note is just what your donors need to feel celebrated. For others larger gifts are needed such as tickets to events.

The key is giving your donors the opportunity to see the impact they are having with their generosity. Consistently updating them the progress or growth of your organization is crucial to keeping them attached to your mission. By doing this you are setting an expectation of when they will receive updates. This empowers them to see continued opportunity to give more. They don’t know they need to give more until you show them why.

If someone donates to your organization, they are likely to give again. But they want to feel needed and feel like they are making a difference, that is where stewardship comes into play. It also takes less money to steward current donors than to re-engage those who are lost.

We put together 8 simple ways your nonprofit can practically steward its donors. If your organization picks three to four of these tips to begin stewarding, you are taking the first step in the right direction for your organization. Download your tipsheet now!

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