JustGiving by Blackbaud the Ultimate P2P Fundraising Platform for Short Term Mission Trips

October 26, 2021

  • by Will Rodes


Short term mission trips are one of the best ways for church and parish members to experience the power of the gospel in a whole new way. Trips give participants a chance to see how God is at work not just in their city, but across the country and across the world. By providing an opportunity for people to live out the Great Commission through short term missions, local churches are strengthened, foreign churches are encouraged and many times believers find a calling to long term missions. 

This past season has been incredibly tough in terms of restrictions for almost every church. It has been even tougher though for churches trying to send short term missions teams in the midst of the pandemic. The tumultuousness of international travel requirements has meant that many churches have had to simply stop sending teams. 

However, as the world begins to reopen and we move forward into ‘the new normal’, the church is poised to restart short term missions to fulfill the Great Commission in ways that have never been possible. Many churches have taken this time to reimagine their vision for missions and adopt new models, methods and milestones. Meanwhile, the lack of travel has increased the desire in many church members’ hearts to go and spread the Gospel. All together, the pause in short term missions over the past season has the potential to be a catalyst for the greatest sending of missions teams. 

Despite the new spirit of eagerness and anticipation to return to short term missions, the same barriers still exist. Even the potential participants with the greatest heart for evangelism will still face the single biggest barrier– the financial aspect. The dollar figure associated with foreign travel, accommodations and project costs stop many would-be trip participants in their tracks and ultimately keeps them from answering the call that God has given them.

In order to help your people fulfill the Great Commission you need to equip them with a way to fundraise for their trip. This not only lessens the burden that they feel, but also allows other believers to come alongside and be used in the story that God is writing through the trip.

JustGiving by Blackbaud is the world’s leading social giving platform. Charities, organizations and churches across the world utilize JustGiving to help raise money to fund their work. Your trip participants can easily raise the funds that they need by using the simple interface to create beautifully branded campaigns that are backed by Blackbaud’s expertise. 

JustGiving by Blackbaud Key Features:

  • Quick and easy set up

  • Mobile friendly pages

  • Sharing via email and social media

  • Customizable page design

  • Gift confirmation emails

  • Blackbaud Merchant Services

  • Secure PCI compliant donation processing


Even though this past season has felt like a setback in terms of the ability to share the Good News of Jesus, it can be the setup for the greatest advancement of the Kingdom. By taking the steps today in order to plan for future trips you can engage your church members and enable them to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.


Find out how Blackbaud’s JustGiving platform can help your church plan to resume short term mission trips here.